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Unfortunately, most of us will experience being locked out of a property at some point in our lives and this is an incredibly stressful experience especially after a long day at work. Luckily help is only ever a phone call away. Any good local locksmith will respond to your call quickly and let you into your property, they can even change the locks and provide you with a new set of keys if necessary.

Below Mobile Locksmith Durham have put together a handy guide on what you should do if you find yourself locked out of your property.

Other Entry Points – Take a quick look around your property to see if there are any other entry points such as a back door or an open ground floor window if it is safe to climb through. If there is another entry point available to use to gain entry to your property, then at least your over the first hurdle and you can concentrate on retracing your steps to try and locate your keys. If you can’t find your keys or believe they may have been stolen then it is worth calling out your local emergency locksmith to come and change the locks to ensure that your property stays secure and no one else has a key to let themselves in. If you don’t manage to gain entry to your property you can also call your local emergency locksmith to come and let you into your property, then you can discuss with them the best options for having the locks changed.

Spare Keys – Try and remember if you have ever given a spare key to your property to a family member or friend that may still have it handy. If you do give them a call to come and let you in, then much like the first point you can retrace your steps in the comfort of your home and call out a locksmith if you need the locks changing to ensure your property remains secure.

Always Carry ID– If you don’t already carry ID with you it is a good idea to start. There are a few scenarios that require you to show ID and being locked out of your property is one of them. Any good locksmith will ask for some form of ID to prove that the property they are letting you into is in actual fact yours. If locksmiths never asked for any ID then a burglar could just call out a locksmith to help them break into your home! If you make a point of always carrying ID then you will at least be prepared should you ever get locked out of your property.

Research Before You Call – Before calling a locksmith do a bit of research. Unfortunately, there are national locksmith companies out there that pretend to be local, they over charge and are refund for poor workmanship! Take a bit of time to read online reviews on the locksmith you plan on calling and even ask family and friends for a recommendation. That way you can be sure that the locksmith you call is reliable and will do a good job.

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What To Do When You Are Locked Out of Your Property
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