insurance grade locks

It is becoming increasingly more common for people to require the services of a locksmith because their insurance company has advised them that their locks current locks don’t meet their minimum standards and therefore, they cannot provide them with cover. Insurers have set a minimum standard of lock not only to ensure that the property has adequate security measures but also to make sure that people have taken the necessary steps to ensure that their home or business is as secure as it can be. So, what are insurance grade locks?

Door Locks

Any door lock that displays the kite mark BS3621 is likely to meet insurers minimum requirements. If you don’t know if your locks display the kite mark BS3621 then it is worth checking. If you have a wooden door the kite mark, if there is one will be displayed either on the face plate or the front barrel of the lock, this will depend on whether your lock is a dead lock or a rim dead lock. If you discover that your locks don’t meet insurers minimum standards, then it would be a good idea to call out your local locksmith to come and upgraded them for you.

If you have uPVC doors, then chances are your locks will meet insurers minimum standards as they tend to be multi point locks that make it hard to force entry. With this said, just because they meet insurer’s minimum standards it does not mean they are the most secure. There is a popular technique used by burglars called lock snapping that is specifically designed for these types of locks. Lock snapping is a very easy and fast method of gaining entry to someone’s home or business, fortunately the industry has come up with a way to combat this. Snap safe locks are now available which prevent burglars from being able to use the lock snapping technique to gain entry to your property. Any good locksmith will be able to supply and fit snap safe locks to your doors meaning your property will be much more safe and secure.

Window Locks

If your windows don’t currently need a key to open them from the inside, then it is highly likely that that both your window locks and handles need upgrading. This is usually a simple job but different widows will require different sizes so it would be advised to call out a local locksmith who will be able to supply and fit new handles and locks.

Insurers are so strict with their minimum requirements for standards of locks you have on your property not only to ensure that it is as secure as it can be but also to ensure that any potential burglars that manage to get into your property but also to ensure that they don’t have an easy escape route out of your property that better than the way they got in, for example a burglar will be able to get away with a lot more of your belongings trough a large open door or window than they would through a broken window they used as point of entry.

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What Are Insurance Grade Locks?