Moving Home: Why You Need New Locks

Moving Home: Why You Need New Locks

Regardless of how many times you have moved home before, it could be your first time or the 7th time the experience is often much the same, mixed emotions, stress, and excitement! It is no surprise that in this turbulent time one key home security measure often gets overlooked, changing the locks at your new property. This may not seem like something that should be a top priority when you have so many other things going on; however, it is vital for keeping your new home and belongings secure as you never can be sure of who still holds a copy of the key to your new home!

Home Office Statistics

  • Chances of your property getting burgled are almost doubled within the first twelve months of moving in when compared to the average burglary rate – (4.6% compared to 2.5%)
  • Statistics show that you are almost three times as likely to get burgled when compared to those that have occupied their property for over ten years.  – (4.6% Compared to 1.6%)
  • Homeowners that take no security measures are a massive ten times more likely to get burgled than those that take even the simplest measures such as upgrading door and window locks. – (22.5% compared to 2.5%)

Who Has Keys To Your Property?

Over 37,500 properties will change hands every year, and what is shocking is that most homeowners are completely unaware that at least one set of keys to their new home will still be in circulation.  

A survey was completed by NOP which revealed that over 58% of British homeowners give spare keys to friends or relatives.

A different survey was competed by Halifax Home Insurance which showed that a massive twelve million adults have lost the keys to their home up to six times within a ten-year period and never had the locks changed!

If you don’t have the locks changed when you move into a new property or when you lose the keys to your property then you are leaving your home vulnerable as you can never be sure that your home is secure. Another thing that you should also be aware of is that if you don’t change the locks when you move into a new property and you fall victim to a break in your insurance provider may be reluctant to pay out any claims as the locks were never changed when you first moved in so in their eyes you haven’t taken the necessary steps to ensure that your home is secure.

By having your locks changed and upgrading them to more secure ones in the process then you will not only have peace of mind that your home is secure and only you and those you trust to have a key but you may also find that your insurance premiums are reduced.

Other Reasons To Change Door Locks

  • Current Locks don’t meet BS3621 or TS007 for uPVC doors
  • Broken or damaged locks
  • Don’t have all the keys to door or window locks

If you have moved or are about to move home and need the locks changing or upgrading, then contact Mobile Locksmith Durham today – 0191 364 3175

Moving Home: Why You Need New Locks