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A break in at a business will often come at a high cost to the business owner, its not only loss of merchandise but also the high cost of damage repairs such as broken windows, locks and doors as well.

This is why our team at Mobile Locksmith Durham have put together this guide full of helpful tips on how business owners can better improve the security measure at their premises to help protect against break ins.

Risk Assessment

Having a risk assessment carried out at your business premises is the first step to improving your security measures. A risk assessment carried out by a professional will be able to help you identify any vulnerabilities you might have. It is always worth getting a professional to do the risk assessment for you as they may consider things that you yourself would never have even considered to be a vulnerability, but a burglar would spot straight away.

Below you will see a list of a few tips that may come up on a risk assessment carried out by a professional, all of these will often differ depending on the location, size, and trading hours of your business.

Security Upgrade Tips

Upgrade and or Replace Locks – This will need to be done if your current locks do not meet the current British Standard BS3621, are old or damaged.

Window Locks – If the windows at your business premise do not already have locks installed then it is vital that they have locks fitted as soon as possible. Also depending on the location of your window’s other security measures such as restrictors and bars may also be advised.

Cabinet Locks – Any important documents or documents with sensitive information should be stored in a locked cabinet, the same applies for medication and valuables.

Restricted Key System – This works by the business owner being the only person with a copy of a key to the premises. Any extra keys that are needed will have to be cut with the owner’s permission using a code supplied with the key. This way you as a business owner will know exactly who has a copy of the key and how many there are.

Use Technology

These days there are so many different high-tech security solutions available for businesses, all varying in price and levels of security so you will be able to easily find one to suit your businesses needs and budget. A few of the options are mentioned below:

Smart Locks – There are many benefits to having smart locks installed at your business, the ability to monitor when a door has been unlocked and who unlocked it as well as being able to grant access from a distance just to name a few.

HD CCTV – CCTV allows you to monitor what is going on at your business remotely as well as being a huge deterrent to potential burglars. They also work well to deter trespassing and vandalism.

Security Alarms – Again, security alarms are a big deterrent for burglars. It is always wise to visibly display signs warning people that they are in use.

If you need a security assessment at your business or would like to implement any of the security measures mentioned above, then contact Mobile Locksmith Durham today – 0191 364 3175

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